Ron Farnum



A graduate of the College of Design at Iowa State University, Ron utilizes his 20+ years of experience to discover the unique solutions that match the truly unique mission of each and every client.

With his varied background in printing, publishing, packaging design, marketing and advertising, Ron has been both a student and advocate of effective communication his entire career, constantly absorbing and applying lessons learned in new and different ways.

Ron maintains a personal philosophy that the first answer to a creative problem is often a decoy disguising a far more powerful solution. This is why so much creative work is often mediocre and ineffective because a truly innovative solution requires extensive effort to discover.

When wearing his creative director hat, Ron is involved in nearly all projects and programs passing through the agency, keeping a sharp eye to be certain the work aligns with the objectives of each client program—and that the actual solution gets discovered. Once the solution is unveiled, the concept must be clearly communicated to connect with the audience in a powerful way.

Ron's other passion is being a father to his four children. With two boys and two girls, Ron is inherently up to speed on trends in technology, culture and social media.